Where to begin?

Heya. I'm LJC, and I'm a geek. No, really. I grew up reading comics, SF & Fantasy, and hardboiled detective novels, and watching everything from Manimal to Robin of Sherwood to The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. I'm that girl you text when you're doing the pub quiz and can't remember the name of the space opera Linda Hunt was on for a minute and a half in 1993 (Space Rangers on CBS, just so's you know). I'm the girl who seems to know (nearly) everyone (I don't, but the reputation persists), and if she doesn't, can probably put you in touch with someone who does (that bit's true).

I've been writing fan fiction since I was 11 years old, going to conventions since I was 15, online since I was 18, and currently own more books than is probably healthy. But really... who needs food (or windows) when you can have ten free-standing bookcases instead? I go to conventions and feed people and sit on panels and can usually be found in the hotel bar afterwards, drinking (though not as much as I used to). I don't know how to drive a car or knit, I'm allergic to cats, I used to have blue hair, and I'm not actually as tall as you think I am.

So that's me, in a nutshell. And this is my fannish website where all my geek lives.